Workplace Violence Prevention Training

WPV Training: Engaging and Powerful

One of the most important components of any enterprise wide workplace violence prevention program is training. Any effective workplace violence prevention and intervention program must include initial and periodic refresher training for all levels of the organization, including Threat Assessment Teams, managers and supervisors, general employees, front line employees and security and HR personnel. 

All workplace violence prevention training from WGI meets the requirements established by the American National Standard for Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention (ASIS/SHRM WPV1.1-2011). 

Following are descriptions of various WGI training programs:

Threat Assessment Team Training 

This program provides specialized, high-level intervention training to a select group of individuals within an organization. These individuals, who typically represent a variety of disciplines within the organization, will be equipped with a common language, skills and techniques that will provide an understanding of the team’s primary responsibilities, how to evaluate and intervene in the event of conflict, threats and aggression, and serious violent incidents.  

Training will also include a review of:

  • OSHA guidelines
  • Response readiness
  • Investigatory and intervention techniques
  • Workplace security evaluations
  • Hands-on instruction on performing risk assessments
  • Case studies using examples from “real-life” situations 
Workplace Violence Prevention: Warning Signs, De-escalation and Managing Employees in Crisis (Managers)

This course, designed for Managers, Directors, HR and C Level Staff to identify possible warning signs for threatening, hostile and aggressive behavior in the workplace, and offer options for intervention. Course content includes:

  • Overview of workplace violence
  • Types of Threats
  • Potential Warning Signs for Violence: Physical and Verbal
  • De-escalation Techniques for Emotionally Charged Situations
  • Managing Employees in Crisis
  • Termination Strategies
  • Personal Safety Considerations

Training for Managers and Supervisors  

Training content includes:

  • Defining workplace violence
  • Types of perpetrators
  • Recognizing problematic behaviors
  • Effectively responding to inappropriate behaviors
  • Policy review
  • Initial screening of reported incidents/situations
  • Information gathering
  • Identify resources within the organization
  • Handle disciplinary (including termination) actions

Training for Employees 

Training content includes: 

  • Increase employee awareness of workplace violence risk factors
  • Understand the organization’s policy and reporting procedures
  • Educate employees of their responsibility to adhere to policies and procedures
  • Raise awareness of importance of reporting problematic or threatening behaviors 
  • See something, say something, do something

Training for Front-Line Personnel  

Designed for employees who work with the public, these training sessions equip participants to work with angry and disruptive customs and members of the public. Content includes:

  • Recognizing dangerous situations
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Active listening
  • Implementing safety security protocols
  • Responding to threats and threatening behaviors

Training for Security and HR Personnel

These specialized training sessions focus on recognition and response to threats and acts of violence with regard to physical security and human resource concerns, and build upon content presented in the manager/supervisor training. Topics include:

  • Responding to threats of violence – enforcing your policy
  • Reporting responsibilities
  • OSHA and legal issues
  • Dealing with traumatized employees
  • Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)
  • Working with local law enforcement
  • Identifying physical security vulnerabilities


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