Active Shooter Response Training - 3 Options

Active Shooter Response – Timely, Practical, Focused 

Active Shooter: Those two words conjure up strong images and emotions—confusion, panic and helplessness, creating fear in your workplace. While these incidents remain statistically rare, the recent increase in the number of these types of events has given many workplaces cause for concern.

Would your managers and employees know how to respond to an active shooter incident at your workplace?

Planning, Preparation and Practice

In an active shooter event, individuals must be ready to move quickly and adjust to a dynamic situation--that's why it's so critical to know what to do before such an event occurs. Our "Active Shooter Response Training" is designed to help participants identify and practice options for maximizing personal safety in this type of violent event.

Workplace Guardians' consultants are seasoned law enforcement professionals with expertise in personal safety, threat assessment, workplace violence prevention and site security. Our senior consultants have trained both law enforcement professionals and civilian employees in preparing for and responding to active shooter incidents.

A typical training will include:

  • Potential risk factors for your workplace
  • The dynamics of the  active shooter situation
  • Effective strategies for personal safety in the case of an active shooter or other violent incident
  • Typical law enforcement response
  • Strategizing post incident protocols

From pre-attack indicators to post incident concerns, "Active Shooter Response Training" will provide participants with the information which can help manage an attack at your workplace.

3 Options

This program is comprised of 3 different training options, Strategies for Employees, Strategies for Security and Leadership Personnel, and a company-wide drill.

Active Shooter 101: Personal Safety Strategies for Employees

This is a 90-minute presentation geared toward the general population addressing response strategy. Training is tailored to work with existing organizational goals and emergency plans. The training is provided in a manner that encourages questions and participation from the employees, and is best delivered to groups of 50 participants or less.

Active Shooter Management Strategies for Security, Management and other Leadership personnel

This 2-hour table top training session is designed for key personnel to clarify expectations for their positions during an Active Shooter event.

Through the use of role play, key personnel will be challenged with making timely decisions and working through a simulated active shooter event. During the following debrief, the group discusses key learning points of the exercise, exploring weaknesses and strengths of their response. Presented in groups of 20 participants or less.

Comprehensive Active Shooter Drill for Organizations

This is a 3.5-hour realistic simulation of an active incident for all employees. This training program will be presented in 2 parts.

Part 1) All participants will receive the 90-minute presentation in response to active shooters, referenced above.

Part 2) Employees will then participate and be tested in their ability to make decisions and respond to an active shooter event. By physically evacuating or sheltering in place, managers will see first-hand the complexities involved in responding to an active shooter and employee reactions. An exercise debriefing will then be conducted to discuss key learning points and identify deficiencies in current emergency plans.

The drill is also available in less formal, floor-by-floor format, called "Active Shooter Drill Walk & Talk".


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In an emergency, call 911 immediately.


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