Assisted Termination Support

Consulting Help for Potentially Volatile Terminations

Terminations are never easy, whether for cause or as a part of a reduction in force or other restructuring. Sometimes, concerns around terminating a particular employee are elevated, especially when the individual has a history of making threats or behaving in a threatening manner. In these cases, it’s always important to pay attention to those concerns; careful planning for a safe termination can make the difference between a peaceful separation and one that is hostile and potentially violent. 

There are steps you can take to increase the safety of the workplace during these difficult terminations. Our experts can: 

  • Help assess risk for violence based upon current and past behavior.
  • Help identify who within the organization might be the best person to end the employment relationship. In some cases, that may be an outside security consultant or threat manager. In some cases, identify options for a voluntary separation with some minor considerations.
  • Identify options to have the terminated employee “move on” through continued access to EAP, COBRA, and even outplacement.
  • When needed, identify ongoing security options following the termination.

In these cases, strategy and forethought are key; the primary goal in assisted termination is first and foremost to reduce the potential threat of workplace violence and reduce potential liability to your business.

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