Employee Engagement Initiatives

How do your employees perceive your organization? 

Are they loyal?  Do they feel their hard work is appreciated? 

A positive employee relations climate will boost employee productivity while helping to avoid problems with misconduct, low morale, and loss of talented employees. In fact, studies show that employees who feel connected to their jobs and their employers increase an organization’s bottom line value. 

Increasing and maintaining employee engagement is a priority for a healthy, productive organization.

WGI offers a variety of options for evaluating the current level of your employee engagement:

  • Employee focus groups
  • Workplace assessments
  • Surveys
  • In-depth interviews

The result? A comprehensive report and action plan detailing areas where your organization is currently successful in engaging its employees while identifying areas for growth.

We provide practical solutions for increasing employee engagement that can result in improved employee well-being, satisfaction, and ultimately, better productivity.


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