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Workplace Guardians, Inc.

  Consulting, Training and Coaching services that positively impact workplace behaviors, from safely intervening in difficult, dangerous, or threatening situations to aligning positive and productive performance with business goals.


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Workplace Violence Prevention

Our Workplace Violence Prevention services include crisis intervention, workplace threat assessment and intervention, assisted termination and comprehensive program and policy development. Additionally, we offer practical and engaging workplace violence prevention training programs for employees and managers, human resource professionals and Threat Management Teams.

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Organizational Effectiveness

Whether developing individual performance or implementing an enterprise-wide cultural change initiative, WGI consulting professionals will work with executives, human resources, managers and individual contributors to improve communication and enhance leadership skills, maximize team and individual productivity and address existing employee behavioral issues so that your organization can reach its full potential.

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Workplace Resilience

Emotional wellness leads to better employee engagement, greater productivity and improved employee satisfaction in the workplace. WGI offers a variety of emotional wellness seminars and programs for employees and managers, as well as individualized employee support services that are delivered by mental health professionals and organizational development experts.

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De-Escalation Training 

When dealing with people who are hostile or in crisis, it is important to have the skills necessary to safely de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation. Our training programs are delivered by skilled former law enforcement professionals, and are tailored to our clients’ specific high-risk environments, including behavioral health, customer service and security settings.

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Our Consulting and training programs can be delivered live or virtually


It’s about balance. It’s about civility.  And it’s about culture.

Providing a quality work life for all employees is key to a safe, productive, healthy and successful workplace. An organization’s culture, values, and priorities are reflected in leadership that demonstrates the importance of empowering employees to perform to their highest potential, provides opportunities for growth, and maintains civil, secure, and engaging work environments.  

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Safe, Effective and Productive Workplaces

The WGI team partners with clients to create workplaces where employees thrive and are fully engaged, so organizations can reach their fullest potential.



Today’s employees deserve a workplace that is free from threats of violence, harassment, hostile or other demeaning behaviors. For employees to thrive, today’s employers should take appropriate, firm, fair and timely action in response to reports of problematic or disruptive behaviors and threats. We can help. Our team of seasoned consultants and trainers are recognized threat assessment and behavioral experts.

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Achieving organizational goals requires efficient operations, which begin with well-designed policies and procedures, positively managed employee performance and clear, well-defined goals. WGI’s behaviorally focused human resource and organizational leadership consultants can assess where you are today and help you align performance with your business’ goals.



Organizations with proactive leaders who build teams with trust and positive cultures are fostering employee morale and engagement. At WGI, we know that in a healthy and harmonious work environment where employees feel valued and supported, employee and organizational growth and productivity can be exponential. Our leadership and employee wellness programs help you care for your organization’s most important resource – its people.