Is Your Organization Concerned About:

  • Employee productivity issues?
  • Conflict within teams or work groups?
  • Communication challenges?
  • Diminished employee performance?
  • Ineffective interpersonal interactions?
  • Decreased employee cooperation?
  • Managing difficult, problematic, or hostile employee behaviors?

Workplace Guardians, Inc. can help.

From time to time, even our best employees can experience conflict, stress, and any number of other issues that can impair their ability to effectively perform their work duties. WGI’s behaviorally focused programs address a variety of problematic workplace behaviors that can be detrimental to successfully meeting individual and organizational goals and objectives. This tailored and unique consulting service can assist in reducing problems with individual contributors, as well as between team members and across the organization.

Topics addressed include:

  • Creating a work environment in which employees are successful
  • Enhancing staff participation, engagement, and loyalty
  • Implementing strategies to maximize employee retention
  • Assessing ineffective and problematic employee behaviors
  • Responding to undesirable behaviors in an effective manner

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