Job Descriptions - Create and Review

Why are accurate job descriptions important?

Simply put, job descriptions clarify expectations and relationships — they aren’t just a list of duties for a given employee or role within your organization.

Job descriptions are a key document for day-to-day management, compliance, employer brand, culture and recruiting.

Job descriptions should be reviewed when an organization is creating new positions, making substantial changes to existing positions, or is undergoing a major organizational (or technological) shift, and periodically on a predetermined set schedule.

Managers use job descriptions to determine what tasks they can assign to which employees and to crosscheck their expectations with employee performance.

Employees use job descriptions to understand their place in the company and as a reference point in compensation and promotion conversations.

WGI can help employers create accurate job descriptions to reflect the basis for building performance reviews, to assist in understanding what measures are most important in managing your company’s workforce, to help guide in determining fair compensation, and to assist in preventing misunderstandings and abuses of employee roles and functions.


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