Managing Life at Home and Work During Covid-19: Normal Reactions to an Abnormal Situation

Due to COVID-19 many of us now work from home, which has caused stress as we try to manage work demands, family balance, physical and mental well-being.

The Normal Reactions to an Abnormal Situation Tool is a handy guide that includes:

  • Common responses to the Covid-19 crisis that can impact job performance, personal effectiveness, and overall well-being.
  • Three major themes regarding how many of us are psychologically experiencing this moment in history.
  • Useful and practical tips that can help us engage in self-care to bring levels of stress and anxiety down to manageable levels.
  • Helpful hints to aid with goals for team coping.

We hope this tool will be a useful aid as you seek to manage your normal responses to this highly abnormal time.

Managing Work and Home Life During Covid-19-1


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