“Keep children safe. While our nation’s schools are expected to be, and usually are, safe havens for learning, unintentional injuries and even violence can occur, disrupting the educational process and negatively affecting the school and surrounding community.” (CDC, 2018)

At WGI, we are committed to helping schools and universities create and maintain secure and protected educational environments where students, staff, faculty, and administrators can feel safe. We provide specialized training programs for administrators, staff, school counselors, teachers and security personnel to educate about warning signs for potential violence and to provide effective ways to intervene and assist when concerns about threats or problematic behaviors arise.

Our first goal is always prevention. We know that having programs that focus on recognition and early intervention, when faculty, students or others involved in the community are struggling emotionally or socially, can make a big difference to the safety of the campus.  

We also believe that a secure campus is a safe campus – and our experts are experienced in making recommendations for developing or augmenting existing security protocols to meet today’s school safety standards.

Our K-12 and university violence prevention programs include:


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