Sexual Harassment Prevention

Some organizations are required by state law to provide harassment prevention training; others choose to do so as a matter of good business practice, or in response to a recent worrisome event or claim. Whatever your reason may be, it's important to work with seasoned subject matter experts who know the laws, but also can:
  • Provide your managers with critical information about recognizing hara - Formats - Blocksssment and how to intervene to stop it
  • Ensure your employees recognize the specific behaviors and gain an understanding of the impact harassment has on victims
WGI's behavioral experts offer training solutions for:
  • Managers
  • Employees
  • Individual Executives and Employees 
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Managers and Employees 

WGI’s professionals provide sexual harassment prevention training for groups of managers and employees. Programs are interactive and engaging, and use case studies to encourage open discussion. Each program meets current state and federal requirements.

Clients generally present this training:

  • For new managers shortly after their promotion
  • As refresher training for more seasoned managers 
  • For employees as part of a rotating training program
Individualized Sexual Harassment Prevention Coaching 

What does your organization do when sexual harassment allegations in the workplace have been substantiated?

Discipline for the harasser can range from warnings all the way to termination. In some cases, the organization may decide to retain the employee, but put in place a coaching remediation program to address the behavior of concern.

WGI offers an individualized one-on-one program for individuals, from front-line employees to executives, to provide:

  • Education about harassment
  • The opportunity to more fully understand the dynamics of the harassment that occurred in the work environment and led to the complaint
  • Options to prevent repetition of the problematic behaviors
  • Strategies for successful return to the workplace
Coaching sessions can occur on or off site, and will be customized per the needs of the organization and the employee in question.


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