School Site Security Audit

How many entrances are there to our campus? Are they adequately controlled and monitored? Do our security cameras cover the grounds effectively? What is CPTED? How do we know we have done everything possible to secure our learning environment?

WGI’s school site security audit can help answer these questions and more. The audit is more than just looking at “lights, bushes, and locks.” The security experts at Workplace Guardians Inc. will:

  • Examine security policies and procedures
  • Examine security hardware and other security-related issues
  • Identify the risk and vulnerabilities of your facility
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses, and areas where security measures can be improved
  • Make recommendations for an optimal security program for your organization

We additionally use CPTED - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design - a crime prevention framework that uses property design, landscaping, physical location and other factors to dissuade a hostile actor from coming on the property, and the industry standard for evaluating physical security of business and school environments.  


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