Supervisor - Asset or Liability?

Are there risks from improperly trained supervisors?

Absolutely! Did you know that in most organizations, there are more first-line supervisors than any other level of management? That means more chances of "exposure" from a well-meaning but poorly trained supervisor. 

These front-line supervisors are critical to the organization’s ability to motivate and monitor employee performance, while advancing the goals of the organization.

Given their important function in any organization, we often ask: how much time do we take to train these individuals? How developed are their skills when it comes to leading employees? Are they the appropriate “stewards” of the organization? 

In the eyes of the law, these supervisors are in fact  “agents of the company” and can create liability often without knowing what they might have done wrong. 

This session focuses on creating value in the supervisor position while safe-guarding the assets of the company.


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