Our Story


The WGI name reflects our vision. A senior security professional observed that we work to protect the workplace from the inside and serve our clients as the “guardians” of the culture of safety and positive leadership - and thus our name was born.

Through the years, our team has worked together to serve hundreds of organizations, and our mission has been simple, holistic and unwavering. We work with our clients to create and maintain workplaces that reflect the highest standards of workplace safety, best human resource and leadership practices, and emergency preparedness. 

What We Know

In a healthy, harmonious work environment where employees feel valued, incidents of bullying, aggressive behavior, and workplace violence threats are much less likely.  As experienced management consultants, we know that organizations with effective leaders who build teams with trust are fostering positive employee morale. Therefore, a healthy organizational culture is an important component of workplace violence prevention efforts.

Experience Where It Counts

The Workplace Guardians, Inc. team has decades of collective experience in workplace violence prevention – it’s our core competency.

Members of our team developed some of the first protocols and training programs in the workplace violence prevention field. We have years of proven, successful partnering with our clients to prevent and respond to violence by creating safe, effective, and productive workplaces. 

When implementing a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program, it's important to partner with a team that is experienced. Workplace Guardians is that team.

Our Core Team


Jaimee Pittman, CEO and President

Jaimee Pittman, CEO and President

Ms. Pittman's career in the workplace violence prevention field began in 2000 when Dr. Tony Baron selected her as a business development professional for his pioneering  workplace violence prevention consulting and training firm.

It didn't take long for Ms. Pittman to realize  that she had found her calling and the place where her passion for building solid, long-term client relationships would blend perfectly with providing programs that positively impact the community. In addition to a list of satisfied clients, Ms. Pittman is very proud of WGI's  outstanding team of best-in-class expert service providers, known as WGI's Core Team.


The Workplace Guardians' Core Team is comprised of outstanding professionals with extensive experience in their areas of specialization. Most importantly, they are not "talking heads". They have broad real-world experience, understand business impact, value collaboration, and share a vision that puts people first.

See below to meet the WGI Core Team.


Suzanne Hoffman, Ph.D., Vice President, Client Services, Executive Consultant and Executive Level Trainer

Suzanne Hoffman, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist (PSY15000), organizational consultant and trainer who has worked extensively with a variety of private corporations and public entities, consulting in the areas of workplace violence prevention, management and organizational development, workplace sexual harassment, and critical incident debriefing. Dr. Hoffman works as the Vice President, Client Services for WGI and works directly with our clients and our service providers to effectively coordinate the implementation of full scale workplace violence programs and organizational training and coaching programs.

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Christi Krueger, Office Manager

Ms. Krueger is a multi-talented administrative professional who oversees all facets of program coordination and scheduling, client services and accounting. Recently she has undertaken a complete redesign of our presentation methodology, resulting in slides that are visually appealing, inspirational and that foster effective communication.

Christi Krueger is pivotal to our success, and we would be lost without her!


Wayne Maxey, CTM, CPP, Executive Consultant

Mr. Wayne Maxey is a twenty-six-year law enforcement veteran, Certified Threat Manager (CTM), and Certified Protection Professional (CPP) who has evaluated, investigated and managed hundreds of cases of stalking and threats and incidences of workplace violence during his career.  Mr. Maxey is recognized as an expert in all phases of workplace violence prevention, including policy design, best-in-class training for line employees to executives, conducting site security surveys and safely intervening, assessing and managing workplace threats.

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Glenn S. Lipson, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. Diplomate in Forensic Psychology, Executive Consultant

Glenn S. Lipson Ph.D. works as a Executive Consultant and a Threat Assessment professional for Workplace Guardians, Inc. Dr. Lipson is a licensed psychologist (CA. PSY 11335) and an internationally recognized expert in Forensic Psychology. Dr. Lipson has spent three decades tackling violence from all fronts, and is an internationally recognized expert in the prevention and intervention, and has assisted as an expert witness in the prosecution of violent crimes.

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Wayne R. Spees, Executive Consultant, Retired Law Enforcement Professional

Detective Wayne R. Spees (Ret) is a 31-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department (SDPD).  Mr. Spees is a recognized expert in the response to active shooter tactics. He developed San Diego Police Department’s first active shooter response tactics and has trained officers from throughout San Diego County since 2001. Additionally, he created “Response to Active Shooter” training modules designed for public and private sector organizations that emphasizes situational awareness and safety measures to help employees increase their chances of survival in such an event.

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Elizabeth Roche, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Executive Consultant and Trainer

Elizabeth Roche is an Executive Consultant with Workplace Guardians, Inc. As a Senior Professional in Human Resources, (SPHR) Ms. Roche has more than 20 years of wide-ranging Human Resources experience. Her professional and consulting background is comprised of work in all areas of HR, including compliance, recruiting, safety, management training, employee relations, benefits and compensation, and conducting investigations into allegations of misconduct and harassment. 

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Patricia Skoglund, R.N., Disaster Readiness Consultant, Senior Consultant

Patty Skoglund, R.N. is a registered nurse and health educator with a broad background in disaster preparedness and emergency response. Ms. Skoglund’s expertise includes assessing public health and safety risks and organizing multidisciplinary emergency response initiatives for both public and private sector organizations. A highly knowledgeable leader and trainer, she has designed and delivered educational programs for diverse audiences in the healthcare and business arenas.

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Mary Harb Sheets, Ph.D., Senior Consultant

Mary Harb Sheets, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist (PSY13803) who currently serves as a Senior Consultant and trainer for Workplace Guardians, Inc. Her expertise includes corporate training, workplace counseling, critical incident debriefing, management coaching and consulting.  Dr. Harb Sheets has extensive experience assisting organizations with conflict resolution, sexual harassment issues, improving cultural sensitivity, workplace violence prevention, and in developing anger and stress management programs.

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John Haley, MBA, Private Investigator, Retired Law Enforcement Professional, Senior Consultant

John Haley M.B.A. is a retired law enforcement professional with over thirty years of experience in investigations, employee management, training, program development and safety protocols. He has investigated, evaluated and managed various types of threats, including crimes of violence and witness intimidation. He is also certified law enforcement instructor for defensive tactics, firearms and witness protection courses.

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