Managing threats of violence, aggressive conduct, or other inappropriate or dangerous behaviors requires specialized expertise. WGI's team of Threat Assessment Professionals have years of specialized expertise and proven experience safely guiding clients through the threat assessment and management process.

Workplace Guardians’ experienced consultants can:

  • Assess threats of violence
  • Outline intervention options and strategies
  • Provide safe and practical approaches to problem situations
  • Give assistance with internal investigations
  • Provide guidance for difficult terminations
  • Offer consultative help for:
    • Fights and aggressive behaviors in the workplace
    • Weapons in the workplace
    • Internet threats
    • Stalking awareness and response
    • Domestic violence in the workplace

When to Call in the Experts

In an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Our threat assessment professionals include Certified Threat Managers (in fact, among the first to be certified in the world), retired law enforcement professionals, as well as a staff of Forensic Psychologists and Security Personnel with years of threat management experience.

Our experts know that it is always better to be proactive rather than reactive when dealing with problematic behaviors. Here’s a helpful checklist to determine when you may need professional help:

  • There seems to be a climate of fear in your workplace
  • An employee’s distracting or disruptive behaviors are increasing in intensity
  • You feel uncomfortable about handling a potentially unsafe workplace behavior
  • A valued employee has on-going problematic behaviors that impact his or her ability to be productive and successful
  • An employee, a vendor, a customer, or a family member of an employee has exhibited dangerous behaviors or made threats
  • You or others have observed behaviors that are hostile, bullying, intimidating, or harassing
  • You’ve heard that an employee, a vendor, a customer, or a family member of an employee has made a threat of suicide or homicide

The experts at Workplace Guardians can assist you in preventing and dealing with violence in your workplace.Call us today at 800.213.0276 or complete the form to the right and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Glenn S. Lipson, Ph.D., A.B.P.P

Check out this video as Dr. Lipson answers the question, "Is a Fitness for Duty exam the same thing as a threat assessment?" Click here for DR. Lipson's bio


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