Workplace Violence Prevention                        Policy Review and Development

Does your policy reflect industry best practices?

When was the last time your organization updated its workplace violence prevention policy? Does it reflect the current guidelines for providing a violence-free workplace for all employees? 

According to the American National Standard on Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention (ASIS/SHRM WPV1.1-2011). “workplace violence prevention policies should include a ‘no threats, no violence’ message that is clearly communicated at the time of and during the course of employment. The policy needs to reflect the employer’s commitment to providing a safe workplace and shall set forth a code of conduct that prevents all violence, threats, and behavior that reasonably could be interpreted as an intent to cause physical harm, either on-site, or off site during work-related activities.”

How we can help

If your organization has a workplace violence prevention policy already in place, our specialists will review your current policy and conduct a “gap analysis” based upon the American National Standard to identify whether it meets current recommendations for defining, reporting and responding to threats and acts of violence in the workplace.

In the event that your organization has no policy currently in place, we will work with you from the “ground up” to develop a state of the art policy that will be in compliance with the American National Standard and be reflective of your organization’s business and culture. 

In both cases, we will also work to ensure that your workplace violence policy is bolstered and supported by additional policies that set expectations for behavior. These include sexual harassment, discrimination, substance abuse, and electronic communications policies.


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