Are people in your organization worried about the potential for a violent incident in the workplace? 

  • "Researchers assess that the costs of Workplace Violence incidents to American businesses range from $6 billion to $36 billion each year" (FBI, 2011).
  • "Nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year." OSHA. Workplace Violence
  • “Nearly one in five American workers are exposed to a hostile or threatening social environment at work.” Rand Corporation. Working Conditions in the United States - (2015) American Working Conditions Survey  

It’s never been more important to be proactive in keeping a workplace violence incident from happening where you work. The effects of such an incident can be devastating – to your employees, your reputation, and ultimately to your bottom line.

In today's world, it just makes sense to ensure that your organization has a comprehensive violence prevention program that protects your business and your people as a component of your risk management planning.


Workplace Guardians, Inc.

      The WGI team works with clients to create and maintain workplaces that reflect the highest standards of workplace safety, best human resources and leadership practices, and preparedness in case of an emergency.

Featured Solutions

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Programs for employees and managers include content that raises awareness about types of threats, potential perpetrators and organizational reporting requirements - without instilling fear in your employees. Additionally, we offer highly specialized training to create internal Threat Assessment Teams. Click here for more information

Threat Assessment Consulting

Intervening in a potentially dangerous and/or violent situation requires three core components: Identify, Assess, Manage. Our experts assess, intervene and provide options as appropriate, with sensitivity, safety, practicality, and expediency. Click here for more information

Active Shooter Response Training

While still statistically rare, the recent increase in these types of events has caused concern in many workplaces. Participants will learn to practice situational awareness, and how to identify and utilize options for maximizing personal safety when facing this type of violent event. Click here for more information

HR Practices Audit

This audit provides a comprehensive look at your organization’s current HR practices. Awareness is the first step to preventing potential vulnerabilities caused by HR activities which are not compliant, and/or incomplete. Our HR consultants can introduce best practices that align with business goals. Click here for more information

School Safety.png

At WGI, we are committed to helping schools and universities create and maintain secure and protected educational environments where students, staff, faculty and administrators can feel safe. Click here for more information on our services 

De-Escalation Skills

Special skills are required to safely lower the emotions of someone in crisis. This employee and manager level training focuses on how to effectively communicate with and influence people in crisis. These tactics are the same used by professional crisis negotiators. Click here for more information

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Using established violence prevention protocols, human resource best practices, and effective leadership strategies, WGI is focused on creating work environments that help your employees  thrive and be fully engaged, so your organization can reach its fullest potential.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Protecting employees from acts of violence in the workplace is critically important for any employer – and requires sound prevention policies and procedures, training for all employees, threat assessment and intervention process, and security protocols that meet the current American National Standard on Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention (ASIS/SHRM WPV1.1-2011).



Well-designed policies and procedures provide an effective and solid foundation for safe operations, successful hiring, positively managing employee behaviors, safety protocols, and productive discipline and development processes. In other words, the foundation of a gold-standard workplace violence prevention program that meets OSHA recommendations requires human resource best practices.



In a healthy, harmonious work environment where employees feel valued, incidents of bullying, aggressive behavior, and workplace violence threats are much less likely to occur. Organizations with proactive leaders who build teams with trust and positive cultures are fostering employee morale and engagement, while optimizing productivity. 

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It's a Quality of Life Issue

A quality work life for all employees is key to a productive and healthy workplace. One thing has become crystal clear in our years of servicing clients: employee engagement and productivity are negatively impacted by workplace threats, bullying, harassment, and other problematic behaviors.

Equally as destructive are cultures where employees don’t feel valued, or are belittled by leaders. These are factors that can cause employee turnover, stress claims and damage to an organization’s reputation in its community.

Leadership that is demonstrated by being proactive about safety – not just in words or policy, but in action, speaks volumes about an organization’s culture, values and priorities. In turn, these leadership qualities can and do positively impact the bottom line.

 Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility, but the first step is up to you. We can help. 


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