Workplace Violence Prevention Enterprise-wide Program

An Enterprise-wide Workplace Violence Prevention (WPV) Program is comprised of 3 very detailed modules:

Evaluate - Prepare - Intervene 

Evaluate is the data gathering module which determines the organizations’ state of prevention readiness, through conducting a gap-analysis of current prevention efforts.

Prepare is the module for analyzing the gathered data and taking corrective action to strengthen any identified weaknesses.

Intervention into threats is required whenever risks are reported, regardless of where the organization is in its prevention efforts. In other words, threats don’t wait for the completed prevention program to be in place!

Module 1: Evaluate

This data gathering module will identify strengths and opportunities for improvement that will influence the design of the WPV Prevention program, affecting the development of policies, protocols, and training. 

Following are the areas that are assessed during the Evaluate module: 

  1. Policies and Procedures
  2. Site Security Survey 
  3. Security Personnel and other Interviews
  4. HR Readiness
  5. Internal and External Resources

Module 2: Prepare

The data gathered during the Evaluate module is analyzed, reviewed and then woven throughout policies, procedures and training, resulting in solid policies and comprehensive training which are cornerstones of any effective prevention program. 

Data Analysis and Training Design
  1. Policy and Procedure Development
  2. Resource Development
  3. Training Design
  4. Awareness Training Delivery – training is most effective when delivered in the ordered shown here below. 
    • Threat Management Team Training
    • Training for Managers and Supervisors
    • Training for Employees

Module 3: Intervene

Intervening in a potentially dangerous and/or violent situation requires three core components:

  1. Identify
  2. Assess
  3. Manage 


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